Success Stories


Sean English—Lead Golf Instructor at Caves Valley Golf Club

I feel it is important to strengthen my body. The workout allows me to do that without causing me to get tight, from my muscles being overly tired or used. After doing the workout for a few weeks, the feeling I get from working out is a relaxed and loose feel that lasts through the entire day. I feel stronger and more flexible with my swing and I am able to maintain my swing on days I have to play 36 holes.

Charlie Nieman

“Having a Titleist Performance Institute TPI physical capabilities evaluation was as useful to me as seeing my golf swing on video. Going through this simple process with John Walker helped me identify and understand what I need to do to improve. During my first evaluation with John Walker, he identified a list of areas that needed improvement:

1.) Hip flexibility – for improved speed and power

2.) Glute strength to stabilize my posture during the swing

3.) Shoulder flexibility

TJ Dunhoft – Amateur Golfer, Golf Channel AM Tour Player, Golf Week Amateur Tour Player

I met John Walker at an open house event at Traditions Golf Club in March of 2012. John and I started working together shortly thereafter where he setup a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) workout program which was designed personally for my weaknesses in my golf swing. The program was very easy to manage around my already busy schedule and the exercises were easy to perform in any location, whether that is my residence or a hotel during travel.After approximately a month and a half, my handicap improved tremendously, and my golf swing felt very fluent without any muscle resistance or tension.If you have big golf career goals, or just want to play better golf, I highly recommend you reach out to John Walker sooner than later.  You will not regret it and will most likely walk away saying I wish I would have met him sooner.

Bruce Rotte

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me extend my Competitive Senior Golf Career. As a result of our semi-annual evaluations and the TPI Programs you have given me over the years I have been able to maintain both my flexibility and strength. This has enabled me to remain competitive in spite of being 72.
My goal each time I tee off is to “Shoot My Age” or better. Your Fitness Program has enabled me to achieve this goal many times. For example, on Saturday, this goal was achieved for the 174th time. Since arriving in Naples in mid-October I “Shot My Age” 28 times. Of the 28 times, 20 were under par and 6 were in the 60’s with one 67, two 68’s and three 69’s.
There is absolutely no doubt that these results are due to my commitment to my daily exercise routine.

Cody Martin–Aspiring PGA Tour Member; Mini-tour player

I have been training with John Walker for a little over two months now. I told John exactly what I was looking for and my goals, and he set up a specific plan based on my needs. In a short period, I have seen great strides in my golf game and my physical fitness. He has a “player-first” approach when working with his clients which is extremely important. Although I am living in Florida, he checks in with me on a weekly basis and answers any questions I have for him. I would recommend John Walker to any golfer who has aspirations to take their game to the next level.

Jim Vance

“I am a middle age golfer and had two objectives with John Walker and TPI-  Improve my health and fitness to be able to play as much golf as possible and second to lower my scores.  I am satisfied on both accounts.  John is excellent.  He did a great job of evaluating my strengths and weaknesses and designing a program for improvement.  I am rarely fatigued or sore from golf and my handicap has trended down since I started.  Finally after only one year I was runner-up in my Senior Club Championship and with John’s continued help I expect to win!”

Steve Klick–PGA Professional; Director of Operations Beavercreek Golf Club

Going through my evaluation with John was an eye opening experience.  His knowledge and insight, in particular, being able to pin point mobility and stability issues within my body was remarkable. John walked me through a series of exercises that illustrated my deficiencies and he was able to customize a workout plan for me that specifically targeted those areas of weakness.  I am happy to report that 6 weeks later, I feel incredible. He truly cares about the success of each one of his students.  He spent a good amount of time with me getting to know my goals and objectives for my golf game.  I would highly recommend a session with John for any golfer, professional or amateur. Not only is it time well spent, you gain a new friendship.